Johan Rimér is a Creative Director, Art Director & Artist.
Created award winning work for some of the world’s leading brands.


Founded Visual Art 1997, a media and advertising company with the largest digital out of home network in Scandinavia.

Chief Creative Officer at Visual Art
Responsible for the overall look and feel of Visual Art marketing, media, and branding associated with the organization.

Director/ Creative Director
Directed global and award winning commercials for Sony Computer Entertainment, EA Games, DICE, Marabou, Bacardi, FX Network, Nip Tuck.

3D Supervisor/ Creative Director
Supervised promos and commercials for Nike, SVT, HBO, Viasat, TV3, Americas Cup, Nescafe,

3D Artist/ Flame* Artist/ VFX Supervisor
Created promos and commercials for Madonna, Telia, Ballerina,

Awards in Cannes Lions and Promax USA